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Love Between Cheesecake (Chapter 1)

A pair of long legs in Alligator walked stiffly toward the meeting room. Everyone along the aisle watched tentatively, proudly and also carewornly. They looked at the legs and up at the face. ‘It’ was the new Chief Executive Producer or CEO. He was just selected to be the new CEO by the Board of Directors this morning.

He was Fujimoto Tezuka, twenty-three years old and he was the son of the chairman and the grandson of the former chairman of the company. He wore rectangle glasses matched with his almost long black hair. He was very tall, thin but fit because he loved horse-back riding. Moreover, he got the serious and stern attitude. A bad man type.

Tezuka helped his grandfather and father to run the company that worked share selling. He was loved by every co-worker because of his dedication and discipline at work. He usually arrived at work fifteen minutes before the precise time. Plus, he was admired by other company’s clients inside and outside of Japan. He was the girl’s type. Speaking about girl’s type, this Mr. Perfect never had love affair. Each girl that would ask for a date, he will say...


He had made ton of girls upset and gave up. Flowers, he would give it to the janitor while delicacies, he would give those to his youngest sister.

“Yo!” Reiya Matsumoto admonished him. He was one of the general and Reiya was also Tezuka’s childhood friend. Next was Tezuka’s new personal assistant, Ayaka Sudou. She had a great hairstyle which was long, red curly hair. She was man’s crave. She did have many boyfriends before but she kept her secret that she liked him.

“Congratulations, Tezuka-sama,” she said. “Thanks,” Tezuka replied coldly then went straight toward the meeting room. Ayaka just smiled.

· * *

“Blind date?” Tezuka asked in filth tone. He just cleaned up himself that night. He was holding an advertisement paper that was written ‘Blind Date with Tezuka-sama!’ Then, several informations were as follow.

“Yes, honey,” Grandma Megu said. “Do not bluff.” She was Tezuka’s grandmother. She was very strict yet very friendly. She was also a matchmaker herself. No one can disagree with her decision. She loved her first grandson, Tezuka and she wanted all the best for him especially in searching his life partner.

“Mama,” Mrs. Fujimoto sighed. She was Tezuka’s mother. She always got annoyed by her own mother’s attitude. “Here we go again!” It was Tezuka’s youngest sister, Ayase Fujimoto. She was eighteen years old and still in high school who liked to brag in front of her classmates about how perfect her brother was.

Grandpa To and Mr. Fujimoto were both went to Ashiba Hometown for the blind date ceremony. Grandpa To was dying from his illness and he had a wish for Tezuka to fulfil it for him. Tezuka sat next to his grandmother and sighed. “Not again.”

“Why not? It is time for you to find your life partner and help you with your business! Since you push away all girls that already made moves toward you, I set a blind date!” she insisted.


Grandma Megu cut Mrs. Fujimoto. “U-uh!” she vowed. “Let me finish this, my dear.” Mrs. Fujimoto let out a deep sigh. Ayase sniggered while making herself a snack. “First,” Grandma Megu began, pointing up her index finger. “A blind date will be held at Kaoru’s Cake House. Limited for fifty girls to sign in so you’ll need to meet them one, by, one.”

Tezuka rolled his eyes. “Second,” she continued. “-you’ll need to choose the best thirty. These best thirty needed to eat cheesecake with you. Cheesecake is barely for female to like it. Then, choose the best ten!”

Mrs. Fujimoto was stunted. What kind of rules are those?

“Fujimoto-chan, don’t say that,” Grandma Megu told her. Mrs. Fujimoto was slightly shocked. Now, the old woman can hear what cannot be heard? “Third, bring the best ten’s pictures to me and the second ceremony will be held in Ashiba Hometown. They’ll need to do house chores and anything else that need to be done as a wife. The best one with the highest score will be your wife,” she finished with a big smile.

Tezuka glanced at his mother. Mrs. Fujimoto just shrugged.

The bell above the transparent door tinkled as a person came in. “Welcome!” Maimi Kazui greeted on cloud nine. She brought the customer to the counter and quickly took out her list book. “What can I do for you?”

“Um...,” the customer which was a lady in her thirties began. “I want to make an appointment, please.” It was a saloon located at a corner lot of a terrace of other shop in the middle of Tokyo. She was twenty-six and a hairstylist. She lived with her mother alone in a rented house.

Maimi loved to tie her long, silky black hair into many ponytails. Even though she was a hairstylist, she was good in maths. Besides, she was a bad cook. “I want a hairdo tomorrow at 3 pm,” the lady told her. Maimi jotted down on her list book. “Okay.”

The lady thanked her and exited the room. Later, Peppei leaved her in-process-hairdo customer and neared her friend. “Hey,” she said. “Oh, hey!” Maimi replied while stretching out her both arms. “This is the twelveth appointment today.”

“Good. I’ve great news to tell you! My treat! ” Peppei said happily. Maimi glanced at her watch-10.35 pm. “It’s already this late-“

“U-uh! My treat! ” Peppei called out, finishing her last customer.

· * *

“Oishii!” Maimi shouted out after a spoonful of chicken ramen at a ramen stall. Peppei chuckled while the stall’s owner just shook his head.


“Yum! Yum!” Maimi did not even look up. She kept on eating her food vigorously. Peppei was angry and lost her anger.


“Gyabo!” Maimi fell ten feets away from her seat as she was side-kicked by Peppei.

“Listen to me, Mai-chan,” Peppei began. Maimi whined, wiping her injured head. “Here,” Peppei took out a flier, “Read this.” Maimi furrowed her thick eyebrows and looked at her friend and at the paper. “What’s this?” She took the paper and read, “Blind date?”

“Um!” Peppei nodded. She stood up and say, “A blind date is good for someone like....YOU!” She pointed at Maimi. The girl pointed at herself in hesitant and asked, “Me?”

“Yes! For someone like you that is already in your late 20s, should never, ever, do not have a boyfriend. You’re cute, stylish, pretty, should have led a beautiful marriage life with a rich guy...hmm...” Peppei sighed dreamily.

Maimi and the stall’s owner watched her in weird expressions. “Ma-marri-marriage life?” the owner asked, blinking. “R-ri-rich guy? ” Maimi asked blinking. Peppei spun around abruptly and showed her index finger at the paper. “Under the information,”she told her.

Maimi and the owner looked back at the paper and read more. Then, their eyes widened. They both got up quickly in shocked. “Fujimoto Tezuka-san?”

“You got that right. He’s a chairman of his father’s share company. He lives in an apartment alone at Sukuda’s Apartment,” Peppei added. Sukuda’s Apartment was considered as the most expensive apartment in Tokyo. “ A chairman? ” Maimi smiled. “Sukuda’s Apartment?” the owner smiled.

Just then, Maimi thought for a while. “But-but-but why me?”

“Because....,” Peppei cleared her throat. “Y...you’re still single, my dear!” Maimi exchanged look with the owner. Peppei kept on talking about the future, and everything about the blind date. Maimi and the owner fell asleep soundly.

· * *

Kringgggg!!!!!! The alarm clock rang the next morning. It was almost nine. Maimi opened her sleepy eyes and rummaged her hands on the end table next to her bed. When she got a hold on the clock, she pressed on the snooze button and got back to sleep. At the second she wanted to go back on her dreams, she wrinkled her eyebrows. She heard feet shuffling across the living room and came towards her room.

The door slam opened abruptly. “Mai-chan!” Maimi got up quickly in shock. “Pep-p-Peppei-chan?”

Peppei was angry. Very angry. She neared her best friend and pulled her up. “Listen! You – are – late!”

“Um? Late for what?” Maimi asked sleepily, rubbing her head. Peppei gasped. Then, she squealed. “You’re late for your blind date! Here, take this and go for a shower! Quick!” Peppei gave Maimi a new, clean towel and pushed her into the bathroom. Mrs. Kazui laughed when she walked pass the room.

Tezuka took a sip at his milk coffee slowly and put the cup back on its saucer. “I’m from Nagoya! I came all the way here just to see you! Ha! Ha! Ha!” a lady with thick make-up said. Her eyes could not be seen because she put too much mascara. That was the thirty-fourth candidate. Tezuka felt like he was looking at a clown. Nagoya clown.

The blind date started at eight. It was way too early but the candidates had waited since seven outside of Kaoru’s Cake House. “Next,” Tezuka vowed, sighing.

“Hi, I’m Ashiya Koyama! I’m still a high school student!” a girl in school uniform said. Tezuka rolled his eyes.

“Hello, auw!” a sexy-looking lady greeted with a rose. “Next,” was all Tezuka could respond.

“See? No rabbit! Ta-da!” another girl showed a trick. Tezuka glared at her.

“Hurry up, Mai-chan!” Peppei pulled Maimi out of the cab and ran all the way to the cake store. “Wait!” Maimi shouted. Just then, Peppei stopped. Maimi braked. “What is it?”

“Oh, no....no, no!” Peppei babbled. She watched the last girl came out of the cake store and there was no more girls waiting for turns. “It can’t be! Mai-chan!” She pulled Maimi into the cake store. They broke into a throng of people inside. She stopped for a while and glanced around the store. Then, she focused at a stern, good-looking guy in glasses was sitting at a desk by the window. “Gotcha!” Peppei said. She pulled Maimi one more time toward the desk.

The guy looked up, gawping. “Fujimoto Tezuka-san?” Peppei asked, gasping for air. He nodded slightly. Peppei smiled and pushed Maimi into a seat in front of Tezuka. “She’s the last one. Mai-chan, good luck!” She ran outside of the store.

“Pei-chan!” Maimi called out, frustrating. She sighed then turned around to face Tezuka in slow motion. “I’m sorry-Mr-,” her eyes widened. Her heartbeat fastened. She was stunted to see Mr. Perfect in front of her.

The guy got a pair of killer eyes matched with his glasses. His almost long hair attracted Maimi. She never knew her blind date was an ideal type of guy. “I’m Tezuka Fujimoto, twenty-three,” he began then adjusted his glasses frame. “You know my background so I don’t need to tell you.”

Huh? What? I don’t know anything about him! Maimi told herself. She curved a tentative smile and said, “Uh....yeah. I guess.” She grasped her pants tightly. What now?

“Tell me about you. Make it quick,” Tezuka said. He back-combed his hair and looked outside of the window. Maimi gulped. An aura came spinning around her. Her face turned red. “Um, I’m Kazui Maimi. I’m twenty-seven years old.”

Tezuka was startled, “Twenty-seven?” Maimi nodded. “I’m currently working as a hairstylist at a saloon. I love making people happy with their new hairstyles. My best friend’s name is Peppei Zukko!” She stopped when Tezuka glared at her, hands wrapped around his chest. Just then, Maimi realised something. She looked at the guy from every angle.

“What?! ” Tezuka sounded. Maimi sniggered, cheeks turned red. She held her both chubby cheeks and said, “You look exactly like the actor Oguri Shun! He’s my favourite and I’m glad you look a lot like him! Wow! Sugoi! ”

Tezuka breathed out. “Is that all?” Maimi startled a bit and quickly smiled back. “Oh, I live with my mother at a house located at Meme Street. Um....my dad...” She looked down and played with her fingers. Actually, it was something that she cannot tell. Her father was an alcoholic. He always hit her mother and herself whenever he got home drunk and when he knew both of them could not lend any money. He was also a gambler. All he needed was money, money, money. Each day at the end of the month, he will definitely go to the small, shaggy, wooden rented house to ask for money. Maimi was suffering. “....nothing! Nothing! Hehe!” she vowed.

Tezuka scoffed. He took a peanut from a small bowl at the center of the desk and popped it into his mouth. He chewed it coolly. Maimi was drooling. She watched his lips moving with sensation. “Sexy.....,” she said softly. “Kawaii...sugoi!” she added.

Tezuka got goosebump crawling around him. He sighed and he had enough. It was almost noon. He was so, so, tired. Next, was the ‘cheesecake date’ which was his favourite part. Yes, he loved.....cheesecake. “We’re done,” he told her as he got up.

Maimi was shocked. “Done?”

“Come back at one,” Tezuka added and walked away.

Peppei whistled her favourite song while waiting for Maimi outside of the cake store. She quickly glanced at the double-door as it was opened. Maimi came out solemnly. “Oh , no, I hope everything goes well,” she said, walking toward her best friend. “Maimi!”

Maimi looked up slowly. Her mouth wilted. “What is it? Tell me!” Peppei persisted. “Tell me!” Maimi took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “He’s so handsome! Like Oguri Shun! He’s sweet! Lovable! Gentleman!” Peppei stepped back, “Uh....Mai-chan?”

“He wants to see me at one!” Maimi told her then daydreaming alone. “Huh! Really? Yes! You’re picked to the next step, Mai-chan! Way to go!” Peppei cheered. Maimi nodded, “Um! Arigato, Pei-chan. Okay, I wanna go to the girl’s first. Wait for me!”

As Maimi made her way, Peppei smiled. She spun around to get back to her waiting position a while ago. Unfortunately, a guy in grey suit bumped onto her. “Ouch!” she shouted. Ooppss! The guy fell. Not Peppei! Hehehe!

“What the heck – “ Peppei stepped when she turned to face the guy. “- handsome guy????” The guy was Reiya, Tezuka’s friend. “Um....hey.”

“I’m Peppei Zukko. Hajimemashite!” she introduced herself. Reiya smiled broadly. “Hajimemashite.”

The cheesecake date came after. Likewise, some of the candidates were pretending to like cheesecake. Some of them vomited after eating it and some of them forced themselves to eat it. Tezuka would not mind. He just focused on his cheesecake. He loved cheesecake very much. For the past one hour, he got to eat twenty-five cheesecake’s pieces. But still, he needed to select last ten candidates.

“This is the twenty-fifth slice of cake, sir,” the waiter reminded him when he put the slice in front of him. Another slice was placed opposite him. That was for the 30th candidate. The last one. Last but not least....

“Konnichiwa!” Maimi greeted with her big, broad smile. She accidentally lost her balance as she put her buttocks on the chair and fell down on the well-carpet floor with a thud. “Ouch!” Everyone around the area chuckled and whispered. Tezuka was irritated. He rolled his eyes and sighed. What a moron....he told himself.

“Are you okay, miss?” a waiter asked her while helping her to get up.

Miss? She should be called old miss. Tezuka jeered. An old miss whom was four years older than him wanted to be his blind date? Duh!

“Thank you,” Maimi said to the waiter and she straightened her clothes and faced Tezuka. “Sorry! Okay, where are we?” Tezuka extended his hand at the cheesecake in front of her to please her to eat it. “You may eat the cheesecake.”

Maimi looked down. The cheesecake slice was decorated with plain white cream and a tiny red strawberry on top of it. Tezuka took a peek at her, waiting for her response. Would she immediately vomit? Or force herself to eat it? Or....

“Cheesecake!!!!!” Maimi yelled out. Tezuka was startled. What the heck-

He watched the old miss ate her cheesecake vigorously. Other customers were shocked. “Oishiii!!!” she blurted. Then, she licked her fork till it shined like it had been washed hundred times.

Peppei went inside to see what was going on by hearing people laughing. “Huh!” she gasped. Tezuka cleared his throat. Maimi froze. With her tounge pasted on the fork, she looked around the shop. People darted their eyes at her. She closed her mouth and grinned at Tezuka. Peppei smacked her forehead while Maimi just sniggered.

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