Monday, November 8, 2010

Love Between Cheesecake (Chapter 14)

Maimi played with her skirt. She took a sneak peek at Tezuka who was driving like crazy. She pasted her lips, wondering what was that kiss for? But she was happy that Tezuka had finally kissed her again. When she remembered that kiss, she giggled alone.

Tezuka glared at her. Maimi cupped her mouth with both hands and her smiling eyes told him that she liked that kiss. And she wanted more. “Dream it, old miss,” he said finally.

Maimi pouted. She pretended to toss the air as if she was tossing her hair but the truth was her hair was tied into many ponytails. “But you kissed me!” she bluffed. “You know how to consult me.”

Tezuka rolled his eyes. He sighed. Maimi looked at him and back in front, “Where are we going?”

Tezuka did not respond. Maimi slammed her both hands on her laps. They arrived at their office later. Maimi walked along with her husband proudly like usual. Ayaka came to see her boss so she and Tezuka got into his office room. Maimi was alone again. She did not have anything to do.

“Sir, liquor,” Andrew ordered the bartender at a pub. He was frustrated at what had happened just now. He wanted to make up with Tezuka so that they could be friends like they used too but when Maimi came into the relationship, Andrew could not erase her pretty smile and cute face. He had met her twice but he started to like her. And Tezuka knew about that. That kiss was done on purpose.

A small glass of liquor was placed in front of him. He thanked the bartender and drank it in one shot. He slammed the glass on the counter bar and sighed while looking down. He felt guilty all of a sudden. He left Tezuka for France and never ever contacted him after that. No wonder Tezuka was mad at him.

“But we can still be friends, right?” he told himself. He took out a cigarette out of his pocket and reached for the public lighter on the counter bar. He lighted it and began to suck that cigarette. He became a smoker two years ago. But he was not the heavy one. He would do that when things came out wrong.

Maimi was ready in her lingerie. She was waiting for Tezuka who was cleaning in his room. She still wanted to continue to be closed towards her husband but she was unsure about this time. She failed for countless times. It was already night. They had dinner before and it was time to get ready for bed. But usually Tezuka would stay all night to finish his works in his study.

Tezuka came out of the room and went to the fridge to fetch some snacks. He spotted a cheesecake, the one that Maimi bought that day. He licked his lips. He liked cheesecake too but he was too egoist about wanting her to buy some for him.

“Nezumi-chan!” Maimi’s voice sounded. Tezuka was shocked and he accidentally hit his head in the fridge. He closed the door and rubbed his head. “Can’t you just say it quietly, old dummy miss?!”

Maimi backed up. She smiled sweetly. Tezuka blushed and quickly turned away, pretending to look for a cup something like that. Maimi hugged him from behind, “Gotcha!!!”

Tezuka’s heart beat faster. He would melt if a female hugged his back. He pushed her. Maimi fell down hard.

“Idiot!” he said. Maimi rubbed her back, “Oh, come on, Nezumi-chan! Let’s sleep together!”

Tezuka kicked her left shoulder and went to the living room. Maimi pouted. She got up and hugged him again. Tezuka shivered. He pushed her back. Maimi shouted. Tezuka ignored her and sat on the couch. He opened his laptop and began to start his work.

Maimi joined him by sitting next to him. Tezuka grunted but he let her be as long as she did not hug him again. “What are you doing?” Maimi asked, leaning against his arm. He kept pushing her head away while his left hand handled his work.

When the two of them became exhausted, Maimi stayed quiet, giving up. Tezuka can finally do his work peacefully. Suddenly, “I want to have five children.” It was Maimi. She smiled at the ceiling. Truly an idiot!

Tezuka stopped from typing. He did not look at her. “Three girls, two boys,” Maimi added. “It would be a great feeling to get them to school. What am I thinking?” She put her both hands on her cheeks and giggled. Tezuka took a sneak at her. She looked nice talking about that, smiling all by herself.

There was a sudden silence later on. Maimi’s head fell onto Tezuka’s laps. She was snoozing. Tezuka sighed. He tried to take her head up back but when he remembered her hardships today, he gave up. He tended to stop doing his work for a while.

Seeing that old miss’s ponytails, Tezuka slowly reached her hair. He ran his hand on her hair. He was thinking about Maimi’s dream. Five children? Could they possibly have five children? Could Maimi handle that? What about their works? Who’s gonna take care of the children? Tezuka sighed.

That kiss just now was done on purpose to make Andrew realized that they were a married couple. But suddenly, he felt like he should do it like he was in love with Maimi. He did not feel like it. But he was falling for her slowly. Even though Maimi had tried many things to get near him, but he refused to let her be. It was because he was afraid to have babies. He did not like kids. He was wondering how to handle that in the future. Maimi insisted to have babies. It had been a month or so but they never had a night together. He felt guilty towards Maimi. The question was, for how long they were going to do that?

Maimi stretched her arms. Tezuka froze. He got up and let her head bammed onto the couch. “Nezumi~” she called. Tezuka grabbed his laptop and went into his room. Serve her right!

The next day came. As usual, the company ran for 24 hours. That day was ignited with cherish and clapping as soon as Andrew came into the company. He was admired by all female workers there. They were wondering who he was.

He was perfect like Tezuka used to be. But he was a bit unique. He wore a smart grey suit and matching shoes. He was led by a worker towards Tezuka’s office. Everyone stood up and bowed.

Tezuka stood up as Andrew came in. He was angry with him likewise and it will never fade away. He thought. Maimi was in her office, correcting the calculations. Ayaka was shocked too. She did not know who he was but he was good-looking too. She closed the door and joined them.

“Ayaka, Andrew. Andrew, Ayaka,” Tezuka introduced. Ayaka and Andrew bowed to each other.

“What’re you doing here?” Tezuka asked coldly. He leaned against his desk. Andrew faced him and smiled, “I have told you that I’m going to invest into your company.”

Tezuka sighed. “For what? You’re not my client,” he said. Andrew was taken aback at his words. He sucked his hands into his pockets, “I know but I’m like....a volunteer.”

“Don’t feel pity on me. I don’t ask for your help. I can do it myself. This is my company,” Tezuka shot him back. Andrew breathed in, feeling a bit nervous. Ayaka was trying to understand the situation.

“I just wanna make friends with you. Let’s make up, shall we?” Andrew told him. Tezuka shot him a flint look. “No,” he answered shortly. Andrew sighed. He did not know what to do to make friends with his childhood pal.

Ayaka waited for any order from Tezuka. She noticed by his angry looks and knew it was a vile situation. She was wondering who was Andrew?

“Sorry,” Andrew admonished her. “I’m Tezuka’s childhood friend. We used to be neighbours once.”

“Oh.....,” Ayaka responded. “What happen?”

Both Tezuka and Andrew tilted a bit at her question. Andrew smiled, “We have some misunderstandings going on and-“

Tezuka cleared his throat. Andrew and Ayaka looked at him. Tezuka got up and stopped beside his old friend and whispered, “Dream it.” And he left. Andrew was hurt to hear that. Ayaka could see their relationship was not going to stick back.

“Hey, Tezuka!” he called. Tezuka stopped his steps at the door way. “It’s a good thing I’m going to invest into your company and I’m still gonna do it no matter what. But about the two of us, I know you’re gonna need time to think about it. Okay, I’ll let you. But for the mean time, I’m going to put business first. So please allow me to invest. You won’t regret,” he finished.

Tezuka did not respond. He continued his steps towards the rest room. Andrew let out a breath. Ayaka was nervous just now. She had been clutching her files tightly.

Andrew read the advertisement on the board in the lobby when he reached the ground floor. He was still exasperated after he scolded Tezuka for being too nuisance. He was going to take fresh air. While he was reading and browsing the lobby, the other girls there were whispering about how handsome he was. He smiled and sniggered. That grey suit fit him well and he looked like a foreigner.

“Andrew-kun?” Maimi called. Andrew turned around to see that 27 years old lady came towards him. Her three inches high heels made her walk looked uncomfortable and a bit awkward but her smiling face covered that. “Hey, you’re here!”

Andrew opened his arms and smiled, “I’m here.” Maimi stifled a laugh, “What’re you up to here?”

“I met Tezuka just now. About the investment actually,” he replied. Maimi nodded. She looked down at her high heels. She wagged her leg, “It hurts wearing this.”

“I can see that,” Andrew told her. Maimi laughed and pasted her palms together, “So, where’re you heading?”

Andrew looked around. He mocked an I-don’t-know face. “ No idea. I was just wandering around to know about this place better.”

“That’s great! And seeing you here, let me show you something,” Maimi said. Her dancing and joyful eyes seemed like she was really inviting. Andrew shrugged and followed her into a cafeteria.

She stopped at a vending machine. There were all kinds of snacks and you would just need to insert coins to get the snacks. Maimi leaned forward to see the snacks. She swallowed as she spotted a pack of cheese chips. “I’ll be dead if Tezuka find out about this.”

Andrew frowned. Maimi got up, “He dislikes seeing me eating these kinds of snacks. He prefers healthy snacks like fruits and desserts. I’ve been craving to eat this.”

A small laugh came out of Andrew’s mouth. He knew Tezuka very well and he never changed.

“Um...,” Maimi began. “May I borrow some coins? I don’t have any since Tezuka keeps my money.”

Andrew nodded, “Sure.” He took out his wallet and gave her some coins. Maimi jumped happily when she received that coins and quickly bought the snack. She wagged her hands side to side when the snack reached into her hand. Andrew clapped his hands, “You broke the rules.”

“Don’t tell Tezuka,” Miami said. “Please?”

“Of course I won’t. It’s a snag,” Andrew told her. He was glad his day was brightened by that lady.

Both of them sat in the cafeteria. Maimi was eating her snack eagerly. It was a small pack but the cheese chips were made in cute and tiny shapes so the snack seemed larger. Andrew ordered for a hot chocolate. He had been watching that lady eating the snack for the past few minutes and it was very entertaining.

“You want some?” Maimi asked him, handing him the pack. Andrew shook his head and smiled, “No thanks.”

Maimi smiled back and continued to eat. “You know what,” she said, chewing. “Sorry for making you look like a dork beside me. Yeah, you know, I’m wearing a suit eating this kind of snack.”

“It’s fine. I’m getting used to it,” Andrew answered. Maimi smirked. She settled her position in her seat so that she could face him. “ May I ask you? About Tezuka?”

Andrew nodded. Maimi swallowed. “Why he is always moody? I mean, he never smiles nor laughs. And he’s so rough?”

“That’s him. But he becomes like that when he’s in junior high. He starts to get involve into business study since then and he changes into a serious person. Things turn bad when I leave him for France. Actually, we decided to run this company together but I found that I won’t make it so I flied to France. Since then, he never talks to me. Until now,” Andrew explained.

Maimi nodded, “So that’s all about.”

“Don’t take it seriously. I can handle this,” he said. Maimi made a thumb-up and winked. Andrew giggled.

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