- i don't usually write fanfiction because i always have original ideas. but i still want to manage a story. and have a nice read of Lucky Girl.

Original stories
-  i have lots of original ideas. and Love Between Cheesecake is one of my favourite story. still unfinished because it's a long story. i guess.

- for this 'doujinshi' thing, it means that we take the same concept or theme of an author's original ideas but we improvise those. it's not 100% the same but almost. and for this, i like to write variety shows. like those from korean tv. like Sesame Player, Hello Baby, etc....and i even create characters just for this category. like kpop idols something like that. hehe.
This is the place where i keep and share my writings to public. Do share with others and i welcome any comment. :) I've been writing for 6 years but only this time i can finally share my stories. I've written so many stories before but only a few of them can be shared. But please, DO NOT STEAL!