Monday, December 6, 2010


dear readers,

i have a habit that tells you how much i love to start a new thing that is big, but ends up continuing small. yup, that's me.

it is something to do with my hobbies and things that i produce time by time. for an example, drawing. i draw a picture and stops in the middle. then, i draw other pictures but i'm too lazy to finish up the previous picture. new pictures keep on coming.

how 'bout writing? haha! i starts the first chapter of a story this one fine day. later, i come up with a new idea so i write about that idea first. and then another one. and another. the result? i have so many stories but they're stuck in the middle. i do care about them but i begins to feel lazy to continue.

the beginning is the best but the journey onwards makes me lazy.

but guys! don't worry. i will try my best to improve and change. because i know what i'm doing and i love what i do. :D
This is the place where i keep and share my writings to public. Do share with others and i welcome any comment. :) I've been writing for 6 years but only this time i can finally share my stories. I've written so many stories before but only a few of them can be shared. But please, DO NOT STEAL!