Friday, February 10, 2012

Fan fiction

 hi, guys!

long time no see! (as if there are readers)

even though i'm busy right now, i still feel like updating my second blog. actually, i have trouble with the template and whatsoever and it's having trouble with the background. i'm so pissed off with that kind of error. but nevertheless, the content is much more important, right?

okay, let's get straight to the point. the title says about fan fiction. as you all know, fan fiction does not have the proper meaning inside the dictionary if i'm not mistaken and not everyone knows about the word 'fan fiction'.

fan fiction is what k-pop and j-pop lovers out there create. they take out some of the idol singers as their main characters or any actress or actor to combine with and make it into a story. usually a love story. basically, any group of idol singers from korea will be featured into special reality shows that reveal about their secrets and etc. fans take note of that and apply it into their character.

that's what fan fiction.

sometimes, anime can also be one of those fan fictions. but as far as i'm concerned, mostly fan fiction is focused on k-pop. or even j-pop.

and i'm one of those fans too. but i have my own way of fan fiction. i don't write them into love stories or something like that. i write my own imagined background and variety show. and create a new name and new character but i take the faces of idol singers out there as the person. what am i saying?

okay2, i mean like, hmm....for example, i have created so many names for groups and members and one of them is Military Boys and so i take Infinite as the faces of the characters i've created. that's all. hehe...

i'm so embarrassed to say this out loud to my pals who also love k-pop because to me, they might think i'm crazy and 'gedik'...uh...something like that. or even been called stealer. but it's a fan fiction, right? who cares?

so i make it into a blog. hope things will go well. i'm still writing my fan fiction. finger-crossed.
This is the place where i keep and share my writings to public. Do share with others and i welcome any comment. :) I've been writing for 6 years but only this time i can finally share my stories. I've written so many stories before but only a few of them can be shared. But please, DO NOT STEAL!