Friday, November 26, 2010


dear readers,

this is my second blog. it's all about my novels. i upload them here and share with you guys if you're going to read them. stories aren't that good because even though i've been writing for 6 years, i'm still a beginner and need to explore more in this field.

actually, writing is my second hobby. at first, it's a thing that i do during leisure time but when time passes by, i keep on imagining that i want my stories to be published. it's insane, right? for a typical girl like me.

i write in fully English. i don't know why but i can just write in that language because i grow up with a surrounding of English books. i read a lot and i gain more vocabs. i tend to write my own stories after doing lots of reading.

i welcome any comment and yes, i admit that my English still craps. but i'll keep improving. :D

okay, i announce to you guys that this blog is finally opened to public! ta-da!!!!!!

This is the place where i keep and share my writings to public. Do share with others and i welcome any comment. :) I've been writing for 6 years but only this time i can finally share my stories. I've written so many stories before but only a few of them can be shared. But please, DO NOT STEAL!