Saturday, November 27, 2010

New story; I'll Back Off

dear guys, wanna know what? i haven't finished my old stories yet, but i come up with a new story already. silly me! i always fantasized things. :)

okay, let me introduce about this story. it's Korea-based story. the characters are all made up using the 'live' ones. i mean, i use original people.

i take G-Na, Doojon and Junhyung from Beast, to be my casts. i'll use their real names but i change their backgrounds. it's more like a fan-fiction to be exact so you guys will understand. the title is I'll Back Off.

Name: Gina Choi
Age: 23
Role: She's a rising solo singer in South Korea. She lives far away from her parents to be independent and to focus on her music career. Gina always cares about herself and that attitude makes her boyfriend leaves her. She is very poor in loving someone.

Name: Yoon Doo Joon
Age: 21
Role: An ordinary university student. He studies Science. He's one of the best student and been praised by everyone. But he fells when he starts to love Gina.

Name: Yong Jun Hyung
Age: 21
Role: He lives alone and in poverty. He works at a street stall to feed himself where Gina likes to go. He works there as a newbie. Jun Hyung fells in love with her and almost loses himself because he never loves or being loved by someone.


Gina Choi spends her life as a rising solo singer in South Korea. She is so popular around the state. Her family background isn't so good. She fights a lot with her parents before and now, she lives alone in an exclusive apartment. One day, she runs away from her tight schedule by going to a night club. She ends up causing a fight but Doojoon comes to save her. They run out of there together. Gina begs him to keep the secret away from the public and media. Doojoon asks her to call him every night to fullfill the beg.

In the mean time, Junhyung, who works at a street stall as a newbie, fells in love with Gina when she always spends her time there in the evening. Junhyung offers to work overtime just to watch his crush. But it isn't just a crush, he loves her deeply when once, Gina accidentally kisses him when she is drunk.

Both of those guys finally meet each other when they find Gina is cheating. They fight and fight. Gina regrets a lot and takes a full stop decision by backing off from the situation.

This is the place where i keep and share my writings to public. Do share with others and i welcome any comment. :) I've been writing for 6 years but only this time i can finally share my stories. I've written so many stories before but only a few of them can be shared. But please, DO NOT STEAL!